Unit 2 Lab 2 Public Cloud Manager

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Lab 2 Public Cloud Manager Reflection Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to introduce Software Defined Enterprise by using its components like vCenter, vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Automation Center. There are three modules in this lab and these three templates will be introduced. As I learned from class, VMware vSphere has been used to improve the performance and efficiency of IT in enterprise. vSphere Web Client is like a bridge to provide solutions for the core functions in vCloud Suite. Module 1: I have learned the ability to use vSphere Web Cloud and the integration of vRealize Automation Center in module 1. With vSphere Web Cloud, you are able to monitor your devices or infrastructures anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection and a browser. This module includes some basic navigations of vSphere Web Cloud and some plus-in for operation manager. I also learned how vSphere Web Client improve the efficiency of IT work for administrators. Module 2: The content of module2 is to demonstrate how people use vRealize Operations Manager to check the workloads. It allows user to look into the infrastructures distinctly and all the components in vRealize Operations will be monitored or recorded. Module3:…show more content…
This can be used to automate and provision workloads by using Blueprints. vRealize Automation center give a new levels of resource utilization and staff productivity by integrating virtualized IT services with highly automated operations. The vRealize Automation Center includes cases from both end-users and administrators. End-users are responsible to execute initial use cases and deal with people who need to request and manage their IT resources through an easy to use self-service portal. Administrators like Cloud administrators are responsible for ongoing lifecycle management and deal with people who configure organization

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