Swot Analysis Of Fedex

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Company Summary: Established in the year 1971 by Fredrick W. Smith, FedEx Corporation is currently a 20$ billion American global courier delivery services company that provides transportation, e-commerce and business solutions in more than 220 countries and territories. The Company offers its services through various business segments, 4 main segments being: • FedEx Express, • FedEx Ground, • FedEx Freight and • FedEx Services. The company’s FedEx Express segment primarily provides shipping services aimed at the delivery of packages and freight services. It is also involved in international trade advisory services. The second segment, FedEx Ground provides business as well as residential money-back guaranteed package delivery services…show more content…
It has also been able to successfully transfer procurement professionals to other more strategic activities. Implementation of ERP based system helped the company in saving 2 billion pieces of paper annually. By implementing company-wide strategic sourcing initiatives, FedEx was able to cut down on the supplies by more than half from around 1,10,000 to less than 50,000. Amongst all the suppliers of FedEx, more than 90% are currently included in the Ariba system and these contracts alone have helped the company in saving costs beyond the investment done in Ariba Buyer system. In the technology arena, FedEx has been able to save about 40% after it started purchasing PCs through their e-Procurement system. The company expects additional savings as more orders start flowing through the Ariba system and as and when the company steps up its compliance efforts over the next few years.…show more content…
It was able to not only save money in processes and products purchased but also improve the time taken for the day-to-day purchase order requests that keep the overnight leader in business. It was able to swiftly recover the money invested in ARIBA technologies, and the savings are yet poised to grow, as it illustrates what disciplined purchasing and well-informed sourcing can be. With just one-third of its procurement activities being automated and tracked through the Ariba system, FedEx would be able to continue with its expansion of e-procurement activities in footings of customers, suppliers, and deploy footprint world-wide to reap even more buying

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