Thesis Statement For The Death Penalty Essay

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Ginger Stepp English Comp 26 October 2017 Topic: Dying of the death penalty Thesis statement: The death penalty is slowly dying in many countries due to certain criteria. Annotated Bibliography Banks, Gabrielle. "Women Are More Often Spared the Death Penalty." Ethics of Capital Punishment (2011): n.pag. Gale Opposing Viewpoints. Web. 15 Oct 2012. This article deals with women and the death penalty. It discusses the fact of the incredibly low number of women that are sentenced to the death penalty to men. People believe that this happens because women are more in touch with their emotions then men which will make jurors stay away from the death penalty in those cases involving women. It is also more difficult to believe that women are capable of committing cold-blooded murder because of…show more content…
“Why the Death Penalty Is Slowly Dying.” LexisNexis Academic, 2017, the death penalty is slowly dying%22) and date is 2017. In this article the author, a professor of law at the South Texas College of Law, is trying to prove that the death penalty is on its downfall and slowly dying. The way he does this is by giving examples to prove that the death penalty has too many flaws to ever be resuscitated and be used correctly and efficiently. Another way he effectively proved his point by stating different court cases as well as supreme court cases where the death penalty has failed, and people be innocently killed through the death penalty process and therefore leading to the inevitable downfall of the death penalty. I will end up using this article in my paper because it is the most factual article I have found to support my argument. Not only does it save time because court cases are cited within the text already, but he has the facts to support the topic. Also, the article is from this year and comes from a law school, so I know for a fact that it is a scholarly, peer-reviewed

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