Open Risk Taker Case Study

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According to Collins English Dictionary, open risk taker can be defined as an individual or business that tends to behave in a way that can potentially cause physical harm or financial loss, but might also present an opportunity for a rewarding outcome. Every business has its own risk, no matter how big your company is. An entrepreneur that runs a business shall be facing with a lot of risks that are unavoidable. Therefore, a smart entrepreneur will definitely alert with the possible risks that might be facing by it’s company. As a result, an entrepreneur should list out the solving methods in order to avoid unnecessary risks consistently. There are some successful entrepreneurs that can be a role model of risk taker. Firstly, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, the founder and group CEO of AirAsia Bhd. In 2001, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes was the man who bought AirAsia for 50 cents. Although 50 cents was a small amount but AirAsia was a failing Malaysian Airline with a debt of RM40 million at that time. Tan Sri Tony Fernandes knows that if he fails, he will lose everything but because he adopts…show more content…
Secret Recipe was founded in 1997, with the first outlet in SS2, Petaling Jaya. When the first outlet was formed, it got well response from the public. Slowly, it had become an international lifestyle café chain with 300 outlets across the world. Today, Secret Recipe has become one of the well-known international brand but before this, it has experienced many setbacks before having today’s achievement. For example, in 1998, Dato’ Steven Sim and his partner wanted to expand to Singapore but at that time, it wasn’t a well-known international brand. Therefore, it was hard to be acceptable by the people. Although it was a hard time for Dato’ Steven Sim and his partner, but they doesn’t afraid of failure, they still keep on going because they believe that if we have determination, we will be a better and stronger

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