What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of ERP System

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1. INTRODUCTION ERP system covers virtually every aspect of organizational work and requires integration of business processes. Not knowing concrete reasons of success and especially failures in implementing the ERP, can cost the lack of strategic and operational benefits for their owners. During the era of information nowadays most of the institutions of higher education (IHE) need automation of academic and administrative processes. For many institutions the new challenging situation occurs. Most institutions are confronted with a decreased financial resources, yet they have an increased need for improving of business services. ERP system is complex and expensive project. 1.1. Statement of the problem In past years many IHE-s have started…show more content…
Because of its comprehensive nature the system avoids needless repetition and redundancy in data collecting and storage. Thus the response time is reduced. ERP creates the common database across the organization which is used by various departments within the organization. The ERP supports the flow of information within department automatically. This business integration capabilities makes it easy to group business details in real time and carry out various types of management decision in time. The support systems can use this common database. Thus information and the data are on the fingertip of top level management. Though different types of decisions support systems and simulation function, ERP makes the analysis of data easier to support the tactical and strategic planning. Utilization of latest development in information technology is quickly adapted by the ERP. Distributed system, open system, client server technology, internet, intranet, E–commerce are some examples of flexible environment adopted by ERP. The ERP is designed in a way that it can incorporate with latest technology even during the customization, maintenance and expansion phases. 2.3.

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