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6/9/2015 Version: 1.1 HCL Technologies DISMISSING COST FROM FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING By Anaghh Sharma TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING OUTSOURCING INDUSTRY 2 KEY PLAYERS 5 WHY TO OUTSOURCE 13 DIFFERENT OUTSOURCING MODELS 13 CHALLENGES IN OUTSOURCING 15 BIBLOGRAPHY 15 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As the businesses grow, the effective measurement, analysis, communication and control of financial information becomes more and more important, hence, inadvertently leads to increase in the cost of finance and accounting functions. The document aims at capturing the details of Finance and Accounting outsourcing industry, how outsourcing can help businesses and finally, seeks to provide insights to an enterprise aiming…show more content…
HCL has more than 55 comprehensive F&A BPO clients and employs 4,862 FTEs in F&A BPO. It operates from more than 40 centers across India, Europe and North America; furthermore, it has F&A BPO staff working from various customer locations in the U.K. and Europe. HCL's F&A BPO delivery focus is on specific sector offerings, which reflects its new range of end-to-end service deals and its desire to concentrate on unique partnership models to suit customer needs on special contracting types. HCL generates most of its F&A BPO activity from the U.K. and the U.S., and it has expanded its customer base in Europe and Asia with recent wins in the financial services industry. While it has experience delivering Pan-European projects, it has limited non-English language skills and has a highly sector-focused…show more content…
The Xerox transformation methodology focuses on reaching standardized processes, automating, creating process based teams, and enhancing controls and compliance. It has amassed a good portfolio of process enhancement technologies and services partnerships for F&A BPO. • As per clients, Xerox's strength lies in its timely commitment to service client requirements, as supported by its knowledge retention methodology. • Xerox has strong experience in the vertical industries of banking, healthcare providers, manufacturing and education. It has developed special offerings for freight management, consumer loan servicing, defense and beverage, as well as to suit the needs of automotive dealers. Weaknesses • Some clients feel that Xerox has limited consulting resources and should continue its use of analytics to create greater value for its customers. • Another area of improvement for Xerox is higher retention of experienced staff. * Data provided in the above segment is as of May 2014 WHY TO

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