The Importance Of Radio Journalism

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Inevitably, through the innovation of radio, news expanding became faster and easier. Therefore, radio journalism gained more importance than print journalism; especially during the war, when being informed became more significant than before the war. In those times, speed and accuracy had had vital importance. Doubtlessly, radio proved itself while being of the world war coverage and the crisis. Radio fully met the challenge of diplomatic crisis and world war that began with Adolf Hitler's annexation of Austria and ultimatum to Czechoslovakia in 1938. Begining with a patched-together but striking coverage of the Munich crisis, the radio networks expanded their news reporting tremendously during World War 2, especially after the 1941 Japanese…show more content…
For instance, at the end of the 1800s, Thomas Edison and his assistant W.K.L Dickson invented the first motion camera picture (cinetograf) and display machine (cinetoskop). These first inventions created a ground for invention of television (Çağlak, 2013:96). Television was invented by John Logie Baird in 1923. The first television image was also broadcasted by Baird in 1926. The quality of this image, with spots and wobble at the beginning, was developed by Baird. Baird used mechanically rotating discs in television system, and at the same time, rival systems that was functioning electronic such as Marconi- Emi system, were also produced. In the beginning of 1930s, television started to be sold as electronic items and get wide target audiences (Güneş, 2013: 296) In 1936 the first regular television service in the world was started by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Shortly afterwards, German engineers began a limited electronic television service. In 1940s colored television works were accelerated. In 1950s, the first colored television went on sale in USA. In 1960s it started to be used by wide audiences in USA (Güneş,

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