Why School Should Start Later

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Most teens in America are sleep deprived. If school started after 8:30AM, students would stay until late at school and athletic practices would take up even more time. Work time for homework would ----- be cut back . Therefore, I do not want school to start after 8:30AM. In high school, 87% of students receive less than the recommended amount of sleep. There are many organizations, such as the National Sleep Foundation, that do studies on this topic. If school started later, it would ---- end later. My school ends at 3:05PM, which is later than most other schools already. For sports games, I have to leave school early because of how late my school ends, which deprives me of my education. Starting later would deprive me of even more of my education and that may result in falling behind the other students in my class. While some students feel later start times for school would give them more time to finish their necessary tasks, I do not agree with this. Extracurricular activities, such as athletics, would take up even more time. Due to later dismissal times, I would not be home until after 6PM. Also, if practice was hard, I would not have enough energy to prepare for…show more content…
Many high school students might need to go to bed around 10PM to achieve the recommended amount of sleep, which is 9 ¼ hours. This is not as easy as it sounds for young adults due to athletic and academic duties. Homework could last for hours, giving some students a limited amount of time to get the necessary requirements ready for school the following day. Hygienic responsibilities including, showering, brushing teeth, and face washing would be another necessity. Without properly executing these duties, health could become a problem. If young adults don’t accomplish all of their duties, they may have to do it in the morning, which would mean waking up earlier. This would contradict the idea of starting school later to receive more

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