Why School Should Start Later

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So many kids across the globe are doing poorly in school due to lack of sleep. Kids are becoming overwhelmed with schoolwork, sports, and having a social life that a lack of sleep is almost indefinite. Schools are starting way too early. Some kids have to wake up at 5:00 in the morning just to get ready or to catch the bus. With all the things kids have to do, getting the correct amount of sleep is almost impossible. With the early start times of most schools in the nation kids are becoming careless and less diligent with their schoolwork. The school system expects kids to be up and ready to go by the time the bell rings early in the morning, but that is no easy task. Giving kids an extra hour of sleep can make the world difference. Schools should start later because it will result in improved attendance, improved grades, and less mental health issues. Many students sleep in and skip their first or even second class. Attendance is…show more content…
So many emotional health issues can occur due to lack of lack of sleep. Moodiness is a huge problem. After a sleepless night, kids are more irritable, short-tempered, and vulnerable to stress. Being around a ton of other students as well as teachers is not the best thing when stressed and in a bad mood. Stress and anxiety are also a huge problem and may cause lack of sleep. Anxiety is a feeling of worry or nervousness when the outcome of something is not known. Anxiety affects sleep and makes people more awake and alert. People are too busy worrying about what they have to do the next day there mind won’t let them sleep, no matter how tired there body is. This is a huge problem for kids and it all goes back to not getting enough sleep. Kids these days suffer from depression and it’s all in correlation to their sleep. Stress, anxiety, and depression are all growing problems today. One extra hour of sleep may not seem like a lot, but it makes a big

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