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To : Professor William Qualls From : Ankit Malik Subject : Biopure Strategies Date : Sept 15th, 2014 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Problem Statement: Biopure is coming up with two new products Oxyglobin and Hemopure. The purpose of this case study is to evaluate the marketing strategy and problems in Biopure Company facing with the launch of these products and possible strategies and recommendations that the companies should instrument. Firstly, one of the biggest challenge for Biopure is coming up with the release date of their product Oxyglobin. Secondly, they are uncertain about the cost of their products in the price sensitive market. In my opinion, they should come up with the launch of their product Oxyglobin. It is ready for the consumer market and already been cleared by FDI. Hemopure, on the other, hand is in their 3rd phase of FDI inspection, so there is a possibility of the product being rejected. Launching Oxyglobin will not only help them in their revenue growth but will also provide them with the hands on analysis of the market response and the mistakes prior to the launch of Hemopure. It will be unrealistic to infer that launching Oxyglobin, which is blood substitute targeted for animals will affect the market of Hemopure since both are targeting…show more content…
Being the only product of its kind, they should consider selling Oxyglobin at around 200 dollars. So waiting for two years for the launch of Hemopure might invite some other competitors in the market as well. Now they can set their own price of the product because most of the doctors are looking for alternatives. More than 80% of the veterinarians and 85% of the pet owners are willing to buy Oxyglobin at higher price in case of critical situation. This shows the lack of alternatives in the market. The company should take advantage of this and launch its product as soon as

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