Why School Should Start Later

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Students grades decrease severely during school. Many people ask why. That's why schools need to change the school hours. Students also lose lack of concentrations during school. Starting school to earlier can cause health problems from students. Sleep deprivation can cause teens under the age of 18 to smoke more than other students. Smoking is not good for your health. In fact, students who smoke and do drugs tend to drop out of high school more often than students who don't smoke or do drugs. Getting up too early for school can cause irregular sleep patterns which can harm the way students stay up later at night. After all, students sleep patterns need to stay the same so they won't be tired for the rest of the school day. Students grades are affected by these school hours being so early. The Students grades decrease because of all the early tests in the morning. In the morning students listen to music drink their coffee and all of that stuff. Those things still don't wake up the students in the morning. 15% of students fall asleep during class. Most likely, the students who fall asleep in class, are more likely to get into trouble than other students who don't fall asleep. Students get lazy in the morning because they wake up too early in the morning. Changing the hours of school would increase…show more content…
Students with less sleep are more likely to be tardy than others. The more tardy you are the harder it is to catch up on make up work which can decrease the student's grades. Students fall asleep on the bus which can make them miss school because they fell asleep on the bus in the morning. Nobody wants to miss school because they fell asleep on the bus. Another thing is, every student's excuse was that they sleep late. Which can make it hard on the student because they have to take in so much information at one time because they had to wake up too early in the morning to go to

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