Why School Should Start Later

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There are some of the benefits and disadvantage to starting later in the day. Schools should not start late because it affects the students and big changes to their school day life. Parents drops off their children at school and there are possibilities not, if the school starts later in that day. The bus changes will affect the budget in Fairfax County. Why should students risk their important factors due to change of the school times? Students finish their school days with nice and refreshing afternoon with extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities start late, if the schools time changes. Students attend practice for their sports, clubs, and any other activities. This delay will cause the students to have no time to do their…show more content…
It affects their health. Researchers indicate that starting school late improves physical and mental health, and better performance in school. The more sleep teenager gets the more concentration and knowledge. Sleep is an important property, which helps our brain to function. Students has sleep-deprived due to lack of sleep. Due to lack of sleep students sleep drive and leads to accidents. Students should get extra sleeping time in order to learn and get proper education. In the view of students, to reduce the loss, school should start late. There are some factors of disadvantages, which are extracurricular activities have changes. Another disadvantage is shifting school time to a later hours presents difficulties to drop off their kids at school. During the winter, sun sets faster and sets around at 5. Some students are walking home and are not safe for them to walk in the dark. If the schools start later in the day, the bus schedule will be change based on the time the school starts. The delaying school start time could cost up to $9.6M. The Board of Education is deciding how they should start the school late and there are options. There is possibility that adding more school buses and could have higher cost to it. The later school starts, the more cost to

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