Why School Should Start Later

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There are many pressing issues surrounding today’s education system in America. Students are having problems focusing in the class room, which is detrimental to the quality of their education. Also, the overall health of students is being effected by lack of sleep due to having to wake up early school. Students will stay up past midnight to finish their homework only to have to drag themselves to school a few hours later. This is a problem. Students should not be dreading school because they have to wake up so early. Instead, they should look forward to getting the opportunity to learn. The solution to this issue would be starting school days later. School days should start later because it would allow the students to have an enhanced attitude towards learning, be able focus better, and improve their overall health. The amount of sleep that students get every night is less and less every year. The average high school students needs about nine and a half hours of sleep. One study showed that only about fifteen percent of students are getting that much sleep each night (Teens and Sleep). The amount of sleep that students get…show more content…
For a majority of high school students they have a tendency to go to bed late and have very early mornings. Research shows that no one works well when they are sleep-deprived, especially since learning issues come from when people do not get enough sleep like deficit/hyperactivity disorder. If schools were to start later students would have a much better time focusing. In 2002 in Kentucky high schools moved the start time from 7:30 am to 8:40 am, attendance went up along with standardized test scores. Also, some schools that have moved the time they saw their athletics programs improved. Some schools when they switch to a later start time saw improvement in grades, tardiness, behavioral problems and dropout rates.

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