Comparing Oedipus And Gilgamesh

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Oedipus and Gilgamesh can be argued as heroes in their cultures. Heroes tend to be a inspiration to the people around them and they do things in consideration of the people rather than their own self gain. Oedipus is a hero because he cares about the people in his country and is determined to find the truth of who killed Laius. Gilgamesh is not a hero because he had no consideration for the people of his people. Oedipus is a hero when it is described in the play “You freed us from the Sphinx, you came to Thebes and cut us loose from the bloody tribute we had paid that harsh, brutal singer” (Oedipus The King 161). This makes Oedipus a hero because a hero is someone who cares about the people and he did it by solving the riddle of the sphinx.…show more content…
Oedipus represents this when he decides to help the people again shortly after he solved the riddle of the sphinx. He says “I’ll start again-I’ll bring it to light myself! Apollo is right, and so are you, Creon, to turn our attention back to the murdered man” (Oedipus The King 167). Heroes want to see justice for their lands and Oedipus strives for this by promising to his people that they will be rid of the killer. Oedipus does not think of just himself or an individual, he thinks of everyone when he makes his decisions. It is shown when the book says “But not to assist some distant kinsman, no, for my own sake I’ll rid us of this corruption (Oedipus The King 167). When Oedipus says this he is being a hero by getting Creon and the people around him inspired and it makes everyone who is hearing his speech agree that this is for everyone and not one person. Oedipus is also saying he is not doing this for a reward, but for the safety of Thebes. The priest comments on this after he said he would find out who killed Laius when the priest says “ Rise, my sons. The kindness we came for Oedipus volunteers himself” (Oedipus The King 167). Oedipus is showing the kindness heroes are supposed to share among his

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