Why School Should Start Later

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Do you hate getting up in the morning? For most high school students the answer is yes. This is just one reason why school should start later. The average American high school student isn’t getting enough sleep which is problem that interferes with grades, attendance, and getting enough time to eat breakfast. School should start later so students can get enough sleep, have enough time to eat breakfast, and to accommodate biological changes. My first reason is that so students can get enough sleep. It is recommended that kids get eight to nine hours of sleep most get only seven. With more sleep students are more alert and awake during school and able to get more done. Also they won’t get in trouble and go to detention from falling asleep during class. Starting school just an hour later would create a big difference in time students have to sleep.…show more content…
Not eating breakfast has been linked to weight gain and eating at fast food restaurants. The importance of eating breakfast is missed and this is a problem because when you don’t eat breakfast you don’t get the food and nutrients you need for the day until lunch. So as it gets closer to lunch students will begin to feel fatigued and tired. If they had ate got time to eat breakfast in the morning this would not be a problem. Well now wouldn’t there an extra hour after school too? You might ask. So wouldn’t you get the same amount of time to do homework and after school activities and then you’d have the same problem of not getting enough sleep if you do that? Then the same problems would occur and that changing the time an hour later wouldn’t have changed anything. No not exactly which leads me to my last reason why school should start

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