Why School Should Start Later

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Take a look inside of a class room. Most of the time you will find a teacher at the front of the class, along with students sitting at desks taking notes of some sort. Yet if one looks closely, students are often dozing off or inattentive staring into space. Today an immense amount of students are not getting as much sleep at night as they should. As teens get older, the amount of free time available cuts down drastically. Students often stay up late, go to school at early hours, go to extracurriculars or work, and then come home to finish loads of homework due for the next day. Having school start at the crack of dawn every morning makes it that much harder for students to stay awake during the school day. This continuing cycle leads to sleep deprivation and many other issues. In result, school hours should start later to improve students overall mental and physical health. The fact that school hours open so early has caused major issues among students. Students usually wake up in the morning, haven't had enough sleep. Deprived of sleep, students often lose interest in school making it that much harder to get through. Secondly, students wake up in the morning in a rush to get ready, and skip breakfast in order to catch the bus on time. Early school hours is also a possible cause for minimul work…show more content…
According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than 80 school districts around the country have now made the change to start their high schools later. These districts range from large, urban school districts, such as Minneapolis and Denver, to suburban districts, such as Jessamine County in central Kentucky. Eventually, a plan emerged: The district decided to flip the elementary school start time with the high school start time. Research shows that young children aren't sleepy in the early morning, unlike the typical teenager

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