Why School Should Start Later

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Teenagers seem to always be complaining that they never get enough sleep, or that school starts too early and it should begin later in the day. If having school begin at a later time was an option to be considered, there are still multiple points to be recognized that would be a disadvantage of this option. The only good that could possibly come out of school starting at a later time would be better work ethic and more alertness from students-but this isn't even garunteed. If school were to begin at a later time in the morning, then this means it would have to end at a later time in the evening; resulting in and interference with any extracarricular activities, jobs, homework, etc. Say, for example, school began at 9:20 A.M. instead of 7:20 A.M. Students might be more refreshed and awake for school, resulting in more alertness and better…show more content…
This does sound great, but there are more things that go along with school starting later. If school began at the said time, 9:20, this would mean students would be getting out at around 4:00 P.M. Now this might not be an issue for students who don't have a job, don't do their homework, or don't have any extracurricular activites, but the majority of high school students do. This means students would be getting home at a later time, resulting in them not going to bed until even later than usual. This wouldn't be a problem if they were able to sleep in a little later if school started late, but why not just keep the schedule as is? If sleeping in two hours later than usual was an option, then why not go to bed two hours earlier instead? A two hour late start might still be leaving students tired and groggy, and it's up to that particular student if they even want to put in the effort to work hard or not. Research shows that teenagers have a change in their internal sleep clocks so that waking up and going to bed

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