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A tale about a hero greater and stronger than anyone, anywhere in the world and his epic slaying accomplishments. Beowulf was the kind to answer every cry for help without ever thinking of the negative outcome. When there is trouble with murderous monsters lurking around, Beowulf is always there with acceptance in his heart and faith by his side. Fighting vicious creatures had made Beowulf famous, trustworthy, and strong. Recently, a movie was made about Beowulf, however, there are several differences between it and the original text. Those differences include the mother of Grendel, the celebration, the death of beasts, and the death of the great and honorable Beowulf. The first difference between the text and the video is where the…show more content…
Another difference would be that the movie shows a great celebration after Beowulf slays Grendel and a reenactment of the slaying was performed for the whole kingdom. A third difference is that during the fight with Grendel’s mother, the text shows Wiglaf, Beowulf’s friend, helping him fight her, slicing her from top to bottom and cuts her in half. In the movie, Beowulf fights alone and grabs the beast’s heart out and it dies. Another difference is, the text reveals that Beowulf is injured in the neck because of Grendel’s mother’s fangs sinking into him. It began to swell and eventually caused his death. However, the movie implies that Beowulf fell from the dragon’s neck to his death. A final difference from the movie to the text, is in the movie the dragon that kills Beowulf is not Grendel’s mother, but a male, Beowulf’s son whom he had with Grendel’s mother. She sent their son to kill Beowulf as a part of her evil scheme. In the text, Grendel’s mother was a reptilian, lizard-like beasts and looked like the most beautiful woman in the world that had fought and killed Beowulf herself. Ultimately, the movie was better from my point of view because it was easier to understand

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