Why Should Schools Start Later

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Should Schools Start Later? Have you ever fallen asleep in class? Many students have. This is most likely caused by the early start times of schools. Middle schoolers and teens need as much sleep as possible, and if they have to wake up before 8 am, they don’t get enough rest. There are several benefits to starting schools at later times. For example, it improves academic performances. Not to mention, a student who had the right amount of sleep has better moods throughout the day. These are all valid reasons as to why schools should start later, but some people disagree. Starting later means ending later, which takes time away from clubs, sports, and other activities. Also, a little change in the bus schedule can cost a school a lot of money. Although this may be true, schools should still push back their starting times. If a student falls asleep at 11 pm, they probably wake up around 6 am. That’s if their school starts at 7:30 in the morning. So, how many hours did they sleep? That’s right, about 7 hours. The recommended amount of sleep for middle schoolers…show more content…
Well, one major factor is sleep. Sleep deprivation not only leaves you in a grumpy mood, but can lead to agitation or even depression. 46% of the adolescents surveyed had depressive moods and 73% reported not sleeping enough. Now several things in a teen’s life can affect their sleep, but the early start time of school isn’t helping either. An agitated student and an annoying or strict teacher is not a good mix. And a sad or depressed teen is not going to feel motivated to work or even enjoy learning anymore. Several adults think teens have it easy, but 58% of teens said they worried too much and 56% felt anxious. Scientists believe this is all related to sleep. If a student could get that one extra hour to sleep in the morning, there could be happier, harder working kids coming to

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