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Grand strategy which also known as strategy thrust, provides the basic direction for the specific actions and functional tactics of Campbell’s Soup Company(CPB). In addition, it can also be known as the general plan of major actions to achieve long term goals. The implementation of grand strategy categorized into three categories which are growth strategy, stability strategy and defensive strategy. Basically, the grand strategy accessed by Campbell’s Soup Company(CPB) is growth strategy which involves in expansion internally or externally by acquiring additional business divisions. First and foremost, the president of Campbell’s Soup Company (CPB), Mark Alexander will outline plans to stabilize and profitably grow North America soup and simple meals by leveraging all the drivers of consumer demand across its portfolio, including new product innovation, compelling marketing and merchandising. CPB plans to introduce more than 50 new products in its U.S. Simple Meals business in fiscal 2013—ranging…show more content…
Initially, CPB started selling their product in China, Indonesia, Mexico, London yet has been looking for ways to expand the business in the world's populous country. Thus, the market share of CPB may be increased by increasing in its marketing efforts. In addition, CPB is continuing to expand its presence in developing market, and also its existing market. It is extremely focuses in developing its Global Biscuits and Snacks business in Asia, especially the healthy beverages and baked snacks businesses. Campbell’s Soup Company has considered about that since people today are more take notice of their health, it expects this healthy platform will extend these brands across both faster growing developing markets, as well as the existing developed markets, in order to expand its operations

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