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“Cheerleaders are the strongest athletes, for they must fight for gold while they fight their stereotypes.” The definition of cheerleader is, a person who leads spectators in traditional or formal cheering, especially at a pep rally or athletic event. every cheerleader knows that sideline isn’t a sport because all we do is cheer for our team, even though we throw stunts and tumble at times. Many other people who have no cheerleading experience believe that competitive cheerleading is not a sport. In fact, the definition of the word athlete is a person trained or gifted in exercise or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise or a game requiring physical skill. competitions are all about finding…show more content…
All we add is some stunt and we are sharper and tight. Cheerleading consists of three day long tryouts, and open-gym starting in the middle of May and going up to two weeks till summer. Then, we practice three hours a night plus games and competitions until October. Girls on JV who are working harder than a girl on Varsity can be moved up and take your place, which would bump you down to JV. We always show at least 90% so we have 10% percent to improve every practice. At competitions, we are always serious because we can get deductions or disqualified for illegal stunting. Some deductions are stepping, throwing or kicking a sign, hair, cussing, when tumbling if you fall or touch down ( touching the ground), when a stunt falls if the flyer falls or hits the ground we can get a big deduction. Some of the other deductions we have gotten throughout the season is shoe laces coming untied, shakey dismounts, flyers heads being below their hip, and hand on flyers feets or knees. Some people don’t understand how serious of injuries you can get from cheerleading. Some injuries can be life changing or

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