Why Do Kids Do In Youth Sports?

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Studies show that youth sports teaches kids more than shooting a ball or hitting opponents , it teaches your kids about life situations, confidence, and sets their stage for an good adulthood. Children that are involved in youth sports have chances to experience real life situations that will help them later on in life and to set their life up early. At first glance many people that think of youth sports say it's too intense. Many experts have done studies that show why youth sports are not intense .” Concussions have dropped by more than a third in the past three years [2012-2015]” ( Miller , Jeff ). the safety for youth sports have grown since the injuries in the past to make it more safe for kids. which would make cause for…show more content…
All the lessons learned they can use them when they get older while making life changing decisions. It is also important to remember that the attitudes and behavior taught to children in sports carry over to adult life. Youth sports teaches kids how to work together a skill that kids need to learn when they decide to work. “ Team sports help build character because they teach people discipline, how to work in a group, and how to have good sportsmanship “ ( C , Junior ). They can also learn a lot from just playing a sport by the coaches they have with them along the journey. Coaches want the safety just as much as you do and most coaches are role models to our kids which is a good thing. “ Parents and coaches need to demonstrate through their words and actions the values of sports that translate well into daily life, including respect for oneself and others, fairness, grace in defeat, humility in victory, and the virtue of self-denial “ ( Austin , Michael W. ). While playing youth sports your kids will most likely play on a competitive time which means that they will play against other competitive teams with good talent. The good thing about that is you can learn a lot from playing against the best of the best and that will help you out in the long run. Being on a competitive sports team can really help your youth athlete learn not only how to be a better athlete, but how to be a better person, a good thing that will help you later on in life. Active lifestyles are way more easier to live as a child and playing youth sports helps with that. “ As an adult, many people are not as able to live a very active lifestyle, but as a child playing a youth sport may help maintain that active lifestyle way into adulthood and also eliminate many problem that come along with getting older “ ( Bri ). At an early age you can learn in
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