Who Shaped My Life

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The people who have shaped my life are my father, mother, and girlfriend.My gierlfriend is very important to me because she has been there with me through some hard times. She was going to go to college, but something had happened and her entrance into the college she applied to got denied. Right now she works and I work as well. Even though she is not in school right now, She motivates me to keep trying to do better in school or whatever other work that I have to do. She has shaped my life by just being around because she truly is a great person I am thankful for having her in my life. I met her when she was a senior, since she is a little older than I am she tends to be a lot wiser than most girls in my age range. I have a job because the income my family gets is not very high. We're a lower middle class family so it is only right that I work. I work with my dad in construction especially on the weekends. I help pay the bills with the money I have and I even use it to pay off the car payments for my car. I am lucky to actually have my own car so I try to keep it in good condition as much as possible. It would be hard for me to get into college because I probably wouldn't be able to afford even just getting in,…show more content…
I can tell you right now that I simply love vehicles. I love everything about cars. I love adding to my own car and I even enjoy just scrolling through online pages just glancing at cars. Something I also love is drifting. Now I know that seems pretty daring, and it is. I just love the adrenalin rush you get when you drift out there somewhere. It is something I will definitely do if I have some free time. Maybe one day I can be a professional at it. Realistically I wanna be a mechanic of some sort. This career just seems to fit me perfectly because of the passion I have for vehicles. I enjoy everything from fixing up my car and driving to school to the craziest adrenalin rush I can
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