Significant Life Events That Have Shaped Me

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Which of our basic human ordinary interactions, throughout our lives have shaped us into who we are as a person today? We all have had some sort of significant life events that have helped us create who we are. My personal significant life events that have shaped me who I am today start with growing up the shy quiet type with dreadful social skills and extreme anxiety, graduating elementary, then proceeding on with my life going onto high school, then starting my first job, and now going onto college and moving away from home to Thunder Bay. Throughout high school I had begun to find myself more, and figure out who I am, and what I wanted to do with my life. I began to realize that to find yourself you needed to know your self-worth…show more content…
I grew up as a shy quite kid, never really liked to be in the spotlight, and enjoyed my own space. I have always been a shy, quiet person. I never liked being around lots of people, social events, sports, any activity that involved people looking at me, or even talking to me. Being at a young age I never realized what could have been making me this way. I think being the shy quiet person all my life has impacted my life significantly; it has stopped me from doing things I would have loved to try, or enjoy doing. It kept me distant to some people, and hard to make friends. It shaped me I geuss you can say into someone I didn’t want to be in a way, I wanted to go out and do things, I wanted to be able to play sports and try new things, but was held back by the thought of what people are thinking of me. It gave me a type of social isolation. Elementary school I stuck with the kids I have grown up with being from a small town it wasn’t a very big school, always less than 100 kids. I never engaged in class, and reached out like most kids would. To me, it seems now that maybe it was a bit of a set back to my communication skills, I didn’t know how to engage with people because I was always so scared to do it. Again, I was socially isolated, maybe not by choice due to later on in life to find out it was anxiety. But being a kid at the time, I didn’t even know of such…show more content…
That scared me, so again I stuck with the kids I grew up with and have known. As most of them were older than me, it got harder as they started to graduate, with it being hard for me to make friends I was starting to get really stressed out. I started to not want to go to school, staying home a lot of days because I felt like I had no one, and no one liked me. As schooling went on I made a few friends from classes that we were in every day together, but I felt alone. My anxiety grew worse and worse throughout my High School career, and lead to symptoms of depression. I never joined any clubs, I never engaged in school activities, so my high school career was boring, and I hated the fact that I couldn’t physically make myself engage in theses activities that make High School fun. My mother had noticed that I had gotten worse, and was not myself anymore. I started counselling in High School, but quit because I couldn’t get myself to talk, or open up. Not being able to open up to people made my life extremely worse, because everything was bottled inside of me. It has almost stunted my communication skills greatly, because I was never doing the things other kids had been at the time. I couldn’t even go to parties with my friends because I would make myself physically sick about the fact of going somewhere I had

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