The Importance Of Success In Daily Life

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I believe in thoughtfulness, learning, and equal opportunities. I also believe in positive thoughts and spirituality. However, one cannot find success without a simple can-do attitude fueling all the above, what some would refer to as motivation and drive. Everything we have can be attributed to someone that focused on learning more, pushing more buttons, and a drive to accomplish. To me, the first and most important thing I believe in would have to be learning. This has been shaped solely because someone can teach at you all day but it takes inner character to turn material being thrown at you into an actual learning catalyst. From this, when people know as much as they can, they can start to seek more, and build more. The room for growth…show more content…
The independence value is that within work, school, and everyday life, people can freely be who they are without judgement. Independence is where things change, and where a person can stand up and allow their true personality to take the spotlight. Success is a value that is relative to whatever a person defines it as. While some people may wish for a house, reaching the top of their career, and a new car. I place more of my success on my daily way of life, my work-life balance. To me, success would be accomplishing whatever I set out to achieve, success is traveling and being able to experience new things. A small success is waking up in the morning and there is a full bottle of coffee creamer in the fridge and breakfast ready to go. My life is full of small successes, and coupled with happiness is what rules most of my decision making and thought…show more content…
A few months after that, I packed up and moved across country to escape my problems and never looked back. Working physically hard in a warehouse factory setting dealing with rather inclement elements that I never imagined for myself. Then, moving along and deciding what would be the next best step to get where I thought I wanted to go which happened to be reenrolling in college. A large percentage of my seriously defining factors have occurred in the past four years, and they have helped shaped everything that I know currently. I would say I’m readily open about my mistakes and I do not think they hinder me. The only issue I have is that I am having a hard time transitioning to the next stage of my life without school and working in a professional, business setting. The destination from point A to point B in my life has become slightly blurred, so my motivation and understanding about things has become slightly

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