What Does Dandelion Mean To Me Essay

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Taraxacum officinale. Beauty is imperfection. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Even if people don’t see the beauty of the dandelion, I can see its uniqueness. Though many people consider it as a weed, I consider it a flower. It is unique and beautiful in its own way and that's what I like about it. The yellow petals of the dandelion bring happiness to my life. The dandelion brightens my day when I’m sad and gloomy. I see a lot of myself in the dandelion. Different parts of the dandelion represent different parts of me. The first component of the dandelion that represents a part of me is the root. The root of the dandelion represents my ethnicity. My cultural background has supported and shaped my life. It encourages me and influences me to become a mature and successful individual. As a refugee from Southeast Asia, I am used to collectivist ideas and ways of living in my family as well as in my community. The way I view others, my thoughts, and actions are quite shaped by my cultural background. Roots are essential because it supports and gives nutrient to…show more content…
It represents my experience growing up as a child. Dandelion blossoms are beautiful and unique. However, even though it is beautiful, people do not embrace their beauty because it is considered a weed, never a flower. They would yank out the dandelion, look for a chemical to remove it, but it never works because the dandelion would always grow back. As a child, I’ve always seen myself as a unique person. However, growing up, I realized that some people did not accept me for who I was because I was different from them. My life is like a dandelion that is on the ground. People try to get rid of me because I’m different from the others. My roots are deep and whenever people try to knock me down, it always pushes me to get back up. I have a strong backbone just like the dandelion who never gives up and always stays

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