Personal Narrative: How Soccer Changed My Life

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Ever since the day I learned to walk, there has been a soccer ball at my feet. From teaching me life lessons to consuming every ounce of my time, soccer has shaped me into the person I am today. In my free time I was doing one of three things; practicing soccer, playing soccer, or watching soccer. I learned that life isn’t always fair, and how to be tough. If it weren’t for the soccer ball my parents bought me for my first birthday, I would be a totally different person. Soccer has made me physically and emotionally tougher than most girls. I played on a team with boys and girls, and they didn’t lighten up on me because I’m a girl. They pushed me to my limits and made me a more aggressive player overall. To this day, I have many different scars and bruises from playing. Although the way they treated me wasn’t always fair, it made me a stronger person. I never gave up when playing with them, no matter how much they pushed me around.…show more content…
Toussaint voiced, “It’s an important part of me, something my friends see as a part of my character”(Toussaint, 121). Soccer was a part of me, and my friends and family all knew that's what I wanted to be doing. After school, I would run home from the bus stop and grab my soccer ball before my parents even had time to ask about my day. I would be outside kicking the ball around until my mom had dinner on the table. I couldn’t practice enough. If I hadn’t started playing soccer, I would have spent my time doing something else. I wouldn’t be the same person I

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