Alice's Adventures In Wonderland To James Marcia, By Lewis Carroll

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Identity and Self-definition: Influences that have shaped you Who am I and Why am I here are two questions that have occupied human’s mind from the ancient times. These critical questions became valuable from the moment the first civilizations were built. Owing it to people’s necessity of finding a place in society and trying to fit in. In other words, people needed to know themselves and have a purpose before finding a role in the community. This led to an identity crisis. From Lewis Carroll the author of the novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to James Marcia, a developmental psychologist, all have been trying to solve this issue through their own lenses. Despite the effort they put in their work there are some parts of it that can never…show more content…
There are certain events that occur which gives a new set of directions to our lives; perhaps an adventure, an accident or a special occasion. I am no exception to this matter. For instance, the most challenging and life changing event in my life has been immigrating to the United States. Moving from one country to another is a tough transition. It takes a lot of planning and preparations. It’s not only about buying a new home or furniture. It’s about finding the right state of mind, to allow one to be able to call the new country “Home” and most importantly having a purpose in the new country. On my way to the United States I couldn’t stop myself from wondering what if I haven’t made the right decision and perhaps this move is not the best for me. What if it does not go as planned and all of a sudden I started questioning everything. Stepping out of my comfort zone had me terrified and I felt lost. This prejudging was originated by my fear of failure in achieving my new goals. My main purpose of immigrating is to get better education in the USA. Once I became familiar with the educational system and…show more content…
Almost everyone is somehow affected by the people around them. Family, friends, neighbors and colleagues play a decent role in shaping a person’s personality. It is said that in some cases the role of family is superior to others and in some instances friends have the most impact on each other. Growing up in a society with a family centered culture, my family has influenced me the most but I’ve also been lucky enough to have great friends around me who have taught many things. Having hard working and educationally successful friends and trying to keep up with them has always motivated me to put more effort in studying and generally to work hard for achieving my goals in life. As Andrew Lam points out “This generation has been conditioned to invest the bulk of their emotional life in the virtual space”(George et al. 25). I also put a lot of attention into social media and thought that people are defined by the amount of likes they can get on social media. I spent a considerable amount of time on these media. My friends stopped using any kind of social media for a month to show me that there is more to life than a nonexistent world that people mostly misuse and waste their time on. I realized what they are suggesting is right and ever since I have been apathetic towards social

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