Value Of Diversity Analysis

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Experience has taught me that diversity benefits individuals and strengthens institutions. My life as a soldier is replete with examples of the benefits derived from overcoming a limited perspective in favor of actions promoting an inclusive environment and accepting diversity for its inherent value. When I became an Army officer, I joined one of the most successfully integrated organizations in the world. After fifteen years leading soldiers from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, I understand the intrinsic strength diversity imparts. This understanding began in the first unit I led. My platoon consisted of over thirty members representing the full spectrum of ethnic and socioeconomic diversity, which immediately challenged me to critically examine views shaped by my homogenous background. Fortunately I had a guide, like Dante…show more content…
He was nominally subordinate but, as my platoon sergeant, equally responsible for our unit’s performance and wellbeing. Perhaps sensing that my background limited my perspective, he took the time to help me see that the members of our team came from different walks of life that shaped their worldviews, and that some with contrarian streaks habitually challenged authority. With conscious effort, I learned that this offered me a chance for personal growth and an opportunity to understand things beyond my own experience. I also learned that challenges to my views did not foment disrespect, but instead provided occasions to achieve understanding through spirited debate. These lessons helped me to create common intellectual space for teammates to express individuality despite the standards of behavior expected within military service. They also helped me to maintain my humanity during overseas operations in environments characterized by hate and

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