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Every time I reflect on my education at Mount Marty College I see who I was freshman year to who I am now. I have learned that having a strong liberal arts education from Mount Marty consists of different levels of complexity, and change that will set me apart from other students in my future. I have become stronger in my faith of God by letting him guide me through this process of college and pointing me in the right direction for my future. Lastly, I have made multiple lifelong friends that inspire me to challenge myself and keep pushing me forward using the four core values of Mount Marty College. In this reflection of my years so far at Mount Marty, I look at how the mission, core values, and Rule of Benedict has shaped my life forever…show more content…
The Rule of Saint Benedict shapes the ideals of Mount Marty by exemplifying the rule through all of the classes and activities the school holds. This rule makes each student reflect on who he or she is as a person and how we can continue to form ourselves wholly with God. Multiple chapters of the rule such as community, humility, hospitality, and obedience represent a lot of what Mount Marty represents. This small college has many communities that all come together and form one large community under God. The Rule of Benedict teaches us to have humility by being comfortable with who we are as a person and who we strive to be after college. By being hospitable we learn to be open-minded about others who are around us. The Rule of Benedict states "great care and concern are to be shown in receiving poor people and pilgrims, because in them more particularly Christ is received; our very awe of the rich guarantees them special respect." In this quote, the rule is said to have an unbounded heart and be hospital to others in need. Each person in the world has a story to share, and some need for others to reach out. Mount Marty exemplifies this rule through their students serving on mission day mission day and other community service aspects on and off…show more content…
When first coming to Mount Marty, I told myself to focus only on education to get into medical school and get done with my undergraduate degree as soon as possible. When thinking this I did not realize that I would learn to love other areas of science besides Biology, become friends with some of the most supportive and caring people, and being engulfed with school activities that are coated with the values of Mount Marty College. I have loved my choice in going to a liberal arts college because I would have never had added a psychology minor which has taught me many new ways to think and act has opened my mind to new areas of medicine I would consider going into. Each activity that I participate in at Mount Marty has helped me learn to have more hospitality in my life and develop strong friendships. My friendships at Mount Marty have helped me grow by helping me become a confident woman who can and will always land on her feet no matter what can happen in life. Lastly, Mount Marty has really shaped my faith in God by making it stronger. A year prior to graduating high school, my father passed away suddenly and it really shook me on why God would take him away from me so young into my life. When having to choose a college during this confusion I made myself go to both colleges in one day to decide which one was right for me. After my meeting at Mount Marty, it felt right

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