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A RESEARCH ON TALENT MANAGEMENT IN AN ORGANIZATION By Maryann Kiburi 27th January 2016 TALENT MANAGEMENT AND PROCESS INVOLVED IN IT. DEFINITION AND CONCEPT OF TALENT MANAGEMENT: Talent can be viewed as an “undifferentiated good” and can be regarded as the potential of all employees, who are to be managed and guided to achieve high performance levels by the human resource function in an organization. Talent can therefore be associated with varying degrees of value and difficulty in terms of replacement in a specific organization (Stewart, 1997). Talent may be associated with inherited predispositions, or talent may be acquired and developed through learning and educational activities for example carrying out training in an organization to…show more content…
Talent management is associated with activities that include incorporating new knowledge and doing things more quickly and efficiently (Chuai et al., 2008). From this perspective, talent management has also been associated with a shift from the department-specific focus of HRM activities to an organization-wide engagement at all levels in terms of recruiting, retaining, and developing talent. The HR department, line managers, and senior management team of an organization are all engaged in talent management processes. Talent management is also considered to be a way by which HR professionals can achieve credibility and recognition or enhance their legitimacy and status both within and outside of an organization. Talent management is considered to be an important way of ensuring that HRM becomes a central component of a business’s strategy and is integrated into the everyday processes throughout an organization, from the practices of the HR department and line managers to those of senior…show more content…
The starting point for invaluable Learning & Development is clear definition of learning goals that are tightly linked to the organization’s business strategy. To ensure tightly aligned learning goals, the Learning & Development leader meets regularly with executives and other business leaders to identify the business outcomes that are expected from learning experiences and interventions. A formal learning strategy is agreed upon that documents how learning will be measured for its impact. For an organization to remain competitive, a learning and development budget is drawn by the Human Resources team. Employees are engaged in different programs that enhance their skills and knowledge in different capacities. The insurance Industry in Kenya for example is very competitive. It is for this reason that the management ensures that staff members are trained on the current market trends and ways of remaining competitive. A company that values it human resources will invest in continuous learning and

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