Difference Between IFRS And GAAP

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First of all, we have to know what’s the difference between IFRS and GAAP. IFRS: stipulate on the general principles of economic transactions accounting principles. It is simple and clear, and emphasize the content of understanding and application. It emphasis on substance does not stick to the form, which will help to truly reflect the financial status and business performance. It possesses forward-looking, withstand the trial of space-time evolution and transaction innovation. GAAP: specific detailed content and strong operability. It has a detailed specification. It can reduce the abuse of professional judgment and reduce the chance of accounting manipulation. It reduces professional judgment and accounting risk, especially for emerging…show more content…
It would be unfair if every country used different norms. The double standards will happen, and it might lead to more problems. There are some characteristics of IFRS. It belongs to the principle of norm. It takes fair value as the core. It is not only neutrality norms but also international norms. It is corresponded with most users’ needs. Different from IFRS, GAAP setting standards and norms by rules-based. IFRS uses fair value principle and GAAP uses historical cost principle. IFRS adopts balance sheet while GAAP adopts income statement. We can realize that there are many difference between IFRS and GAAP. I think that each has its own benefits. The globalization of the capital market is an irresistible trend due to the reasons why all countries should follow the international standards. Considering the increasingly frequent commercial transactions in the world, it is also common for domestic enterprises to set up overseas subsidiaries. If the accounting information of domestic enterprises In line with international regulations, it will save companies the cost of…show more content…
There are some significant keys to adopt IFRS. First of all, there must have a deadline to adopt IFRS. If there is no deadline, then lots of companies will not be actively to adopt it. Second, it should formulate a politics and legal. In order to make the market more international and more competitive. It is necessary to formulate a policy or law so that every enterprise can comply with it. Third, the responsibilities of accountants in the enterprises. We should strengthen their ability of prepare reports. In additional, we must ensure that they are impartial. Fourth, don’t focus on the digital. The characteristic of IFRS lies in the principle-based setting of norms. It expects financial statements are not only the presentation of figures, but also

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