Talent Management At Landco Case Study

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This paper consist a critical review of Talent Management at Landco. It is written as assignment for the course PGBS0154: Human Resource Management, which is part of the MBM. Landco is an international company with operating offices in the UK, Holland and Germany. Currently, the biennial attitude survey indicates some dissatisfaction with some junior staff members. They feel frustrated about their limited opportunities to develop their selves in the current company structure. This can also be concluded according to the higher staff turnover rate amongst the junior management population. This report will provide an advice for the Executive Board of Landco, whether a Talent Management approach in the company will be suitable for individual…show more content…
To ensure effective retention, employees need to have a clear vision of what the organisation wants from them and deliver it. On the other side, the organisation needs to know exactly what their employees want and also deliver this. When employees do not deliver what is expected, the organisation seeks for someone else and when an organisation does not fulfil the expectations of employees, they are likely to move away. 4. Benefits and drawbacks of Talent Management The purpose of a Talent Management approach is to create a superior workforce and build a competitive advantage. As it is an emerging trend in Human Resource Management, the Talent Management approach can have several benefits for the organisation. In contrast, the approach also has drawbacks, which need to be examined properly before a company decides to implement it. With the Talent Management approach, an organisation makes sure the right person is at the right job. This increases employee productivity and the job satisfaction, while there is a better relation between the job profile and individual interests. When retaining the top talent within your organisation this leads to competitive

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