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1. What overall patterns do you detect in the TMC frequency/importance ratings plotted in the ‘Action Planning Priorities’ graph for Sutter Health? Our assessment of Sutter Health’s Talent Management Capabilities revealed that overall Sutter Health is strong in succession management. Sutter Health received the strongest importance and frequency ratings in the areas of Top Management Team support (4.7), Performance Appraisal practices (5.0), and talent management ROI (5.0). These reviews were supported by the fact that the executive teams appeared to be fully committed to Sutter Health’s succession management plans. They’re involvement ranges from being deeply involved in the talent review process, teaching at the leadership academy, and mentoring potential leaders in the organization. Sutter Health’s top management also conducts separate, in-depth performance and talent assessments, which is a critical success factor in their talent management capabilities. In order to ensure the organization is meeting its talent management strategic goals, Sutter Health has implemented a number of succession management performance metrics such as the Internal, /External Executive Placement rate, Leadership Bench Strength, and Succession Management Depth. The implementation of these metrics, which…show more content…
The programs are intentionally separate, and for good reason - to separate leadership potential from tactical performance; however, we would suggest that Sutter consider an analysis of the results. While conceptually the practice makes sense, if the data indicates that there is a strong correlation, then Sutter could be more efficient by combining the assessments and adding a mid-year cursory review; thus providing management an opportunity to nominate employees with leadership potential that may not have surfaced during the annual review

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