Importance Of Talent Management

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Employees are a very important assets to every organizations. The saying “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers” by Stephen R. Covey is absolutely right. Employees are those that have the most interaction with customers, therefore they are the core and one of the most important aspects of the company. The increasing demand for talents in the market have grow significantly and without good talents, it would be very hard for the company to achieve their full potential and obtain success. Recruiting techniques and strategies are important to attract employees and ensure their loyalty. Marketing and advertising for examples can help contributed to a successful talent management. By marketing and advertising, organization can attract the right people to join them. There are many ways for marketing and advertising to attract good talents. Some of the ways that can help an organization to achieve successful talent management are social media, building communities and content marketing. Unlike before where recruitment through marketing and advertising can only be done by newspapers, at the present time we have something better, the internet. Internet changes the whole marketing and advertising processes for “talent attraction” as people are exposed to the informations,…show more content…
However, an advertising and marketing practices is not all the part of the concept of talent management. Talent management includes much more things. The main concepts lies not only on recruiting, and attracting, it involves retaining, training, making the employees happy, teamwork, efficiency, “put the right man on the right jobs principles”, and etc. In other word, marketing and advertising contribute a great deal but it was never truly everything about talent

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