Human Capital Structure

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Define and describe the Human Capital structure and organogram within your organisation by drawing a flowchart. (10 marks) The Human Capital structure has been split into the respective Line managers of the HR value chain (they are split into the respective functions as can be seen below from Annexure A to Annexure F as can be seen below). Organogram - HR 2 - Annexure A – Remuneration The aim of the Remuneration and Benefits department remains to development, deliver and support a competitive total Remuneration strategy and service that captures and supports the strategic objectives. This is achieved by focusing on the following functional activities: • continuous review/redesign of the remuneration and reward strategy; • maintenance…show more content…
The aim is to promote and foster a healthy line-manager direct report relationship where parties take responsibility for their actions. The line manager should be the first port of call for any employee. This department is split into 3 different functions IR Officer, Employee Relations Consultant and Admin Assistant: Employee Relations. Describe the Human Capital Value Chain components within your organisation. To do this consult your textbook, identify the essentials of each of these functions, and report on the extent to which this is executed in your company. Do this in no more than 150 words per function. (30 marks) “Human Capital” is defined as the collective skills, knowledge, or other intangible assets of individuals that can be used to create economic value for the individuals, their employers, or their community: Education is an investment in human capital that pays off in terms of higher productivity Oxford (2016) Secondly “Value Chain” is defined as per below: Figure 1:Michael Porter's Value…show more content…
Review and formalisation of the Capitec Bank remuneration strategy and its components (TGP, STI & LTI) at all levels. Designing an incentive scheme review dashboard Management and continued maintenance of the Job evaluation / Grading system across the bank in alignment with the Remuneration strategy. Further efficiency will be achieved by enhancing the job description process together with Recruitment and Selection to deliver high quality inputs. Proposal of new and ongoing review, communication, maintenance and administration of employee benefit offerings including: •Increased Healthcare and Medical aid take-up through continuous benefit enhancement, communication and understanding. •A focussed remuneration and benefits communication strategy aimed to achieve better understanding and buy-in of the Capitec Bank employee value proposition. Roll out and implementation of the SAGE People payroll system. Integration with Scheduling and/or Clocking system, BI reporting, Performance Management and other internal systems, for example, Recruitment. Roll out of ESS Leave management to branches Potential enhanced Manager self-service options EMPLOYEE RELATIONS: RISK

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