Btl Communication Strategy

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Below the Line (BTL) in organization business and marketing communications is a marketing technique, that companies are useing to sell products. Targeting a niche market using the BTL communication means.By BTL communication (promotion), you can build brand awareness through the sale or use all of the drives, and more personal way to provide an opportunity for the audience to personalize their marketing messages interactions by BTL. BTL promotions give a return of valuable information on marketing investment can be high measurement. This knowledge can then be used to inform and adapt to the feedback message based on the received close BTL communication to the audience. Public relations is a major source of income generation. Spice processing…show more content…
They are consumer oriented company with a keen insight of food products ensuring quality, consistency and an authentic taste, backed up with state of the art technology to obtain optimum results. They are building a business in which high standards permeate all aspects of their company Keeping in view the global success of Mehran,Shan and National food these company aims to establish themself in Pakistan as well. The spice market in Pakistan is ever expanding and penetration into such a huge market is an arduous task. Nevertheless, these companies are up to the challenge and established effective distribution networks successfully all over Pakistan. Today by the Almighty's grace & support from our valuable customers, Mehran enjoys a leading position in the market…show more content…
Findings of this research are beneficial to explore the recent market trends on brand awareness and to understand the impact of BTL activities on the brand awareness.people are b ecoming familer to the spices products or not . Significance of the study: This study will help understand the impact of the BTL activities on Brand awareness that how BTL activites creates awareness to the consumers. are beneficial in exploring the recent market trends on brand awareness and to understand the impact of BTL activities over consumer brand perception through various promotional activities which helps to enhance sales or brand equity. Research Question: What is the impact of BTL activities on brand awareness? Is brand awareness important for product? Word of mouth creates highest brand awareness of Spices

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