Workforce Planning Principles

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Workforce planning is a core process of any Human Resource department within an organization. This process ensures talent is always passing into the company. There are many principles behind an effective workforce planning. Firstly you must ensure that the workforce planning is in alignment with the overall planning of the company. Also you must ensure that you have the correct people within the organisation involved in the plan for example it is very helpful to have the support of line managers as they are the people who are in charge of the overall training of their staff within their department and thus are vital component to the plan. The next principle is the recruitment and selection, this principle ensures that you have the best of…show more content…
It is an advantage to prepare employees in your organization for a step up into the next level, whether this is mid manager or senior executive positions. This management also helps the company monitor if this investment is reaching its companies needs. The next priority is improving the employee engagement. If you are seen to be more engaged with your staff and show more appreciation for their work this can be a cause of increased productivity and thus increased profitability for the company as your staff feel appreciated. The last and final principle is the most important – retaining your top talent. It is known that many companies often struggle when they lose their top talented employees. Certain steps, plans and activities are needed to retain and engage talent required for the future health of a company. The investment in management, leadership or other development activities will have a positive impact on the retention of talent within an…show more content…
For a middle management position within a customer service department the succession plan is as follows, firstly you need to identify a potential pool of candidates. We identified two potential successors. We identified two as we have acknowledged that these people identified may not stay in the company so there is better chance of with two successors rather than one. Next step is accessing the duties of the current customer service manager so that a clear training plan can be put in place to train the successors. The current customer service manager has been on a management course so therefore the successors will also be sent on the same course so that they may acquire the same skills and knowledge as the current manager. Secondly the two successors will join the weekly planning meetings so that they can become familiar with the formalities of the meeting and know what is required from them. The two successors are to be trained by the current manager in the CRM system used only by the managers. The current customer service managers are to become mentors for the successors and guide and “show them the ropes”. A checklist of what needs to be shown to each successor to be devised by the current managers. The two successors will be sent to the international offices to meet with the other customer’s

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