Importance Of Resource Allocation

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In business world, resource allocation plays a critical role for individuals and their careers. According to Dr. Clayton M.Christensen, “resource allocation decision is about allocating your personal time, energy and talent” (2010). Since allocation of resources is a management process it must be monitored and planned properly. In life, everyone has limited resource availability, therefore allocating resources based on priority is essential. Allocation of resources involves balancing time, which can make your life turn out to be different for good. There are three major resource allocations in your life consist of personal time, energy and talent which must be manage carefully. The first management process is a management of personal time.…show more content…
Energy refers to the capacity and ability to do kind of activities. We all have different levels of energy at different time of a day. For instance, a businessman who works all day long may be exhausted at the end of the day when he returning home, go to bed directly, no enjoyable time with his kids and no interaction with family. “People who are driven to excel have this unconscious propensity to under invest their families and overinvest in their careers-even though intimate and loving relationships with their families are the most powerful and enduring source of happiness” stated by Christensen (Christensen, 2010). However, the energy is a renewable resource that can be recharged by mean of taking brakes, playing favorable sports and stay away from loud noise. Besides there are numerous ways to renew and manage your physical energy by improving quality of sleeping time, consume less alcohols and take a break away from your working desk. Moreover, the most indispensable source of happiness is to find the activities that enable you to the feeling of fulfillment. This will create the spiritual energy in you. The allocation of time and energy by spending an hour after returning home with family and having dinner together is considered as a good management of time and…show more content…
Talent management has increasing become significant to company’s success. It is one of the most challenges factor facing organizations all over the world. In fact that, every companies seek to hire people with high creativity and talented. If you can manage your talent effectively it is a good thing as it is the important source of competitive advantages. However, the talent can be managed by the company through many ways such as open to changes, provide support and talent mobility. For example, in company with traditional way of doing things there should be changes like open minded, focus on long term perspective and adapt to current structure. To briefly explain, company must assign talented people to move around the organization in a way that meets their own needs and employees can gain experiences from other area of business. On the other hand, to manage yourself and your talent is not a complicated issue. The very first thing you have to question yourself what are things that you cannot do, and pay more attention toward those

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