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Did you know what elements in our life are really important, and what we can’t life without? There are so many element that really important for our life, example: the air, water, the light, food, and many more... but there are element, was made from electricity we can’t drink or eat that, we don’t know that before, but now that’s element can be important in our life. How can that happen? From generation to generation the human brains keep on revolution to be smarter than before. With millions neuron in our brain we can created what we can’t imagine before. All scientists in this world always trying to create something what they think can useful for human in the feature. Until someday, they have succeeded to create something called “Social…show more content…
Social media is device for connect people with long distance, and make it easy, because social media didn’t need pigeon, or latter. You can also used social media with your Hand phone, PC, Notebook, tablet, or your computer. But know, not just that thing, recently Google Company have created new innovation for electronic communication, called “smart glasses”, you can also use GPS, call someone, and take a picture with that glasses, amazing right? But, that innovation makes another company want to created better innovation, and that makes their compete to be the best in the world. What is the effect for us? They not created something without the reason. And the reason why they created that, not other because we need that! For What? For our necessity, for life easier, for judgment time and money, and for survive. Why? Because the human natural character are practically. They or Us didn’t want difficult life, didn’t want to get trouble what will make their life so hard. In the beginning we just need that to get easier to communication with other and to judgment our time. But we need that not just once time, in day one we feel easier to communicated, we feel so comfortable, and we want to use that again and again. In day two we think “how if I keep this?”, “how if I need this every day? For call someone any time we need’s?”, and finally we will say “I need that for my

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