Vocational Education Development

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EVALUATING THE IMPACT OF THE VOCATIONAL EDUCATIONAND TRAINING IN THE DEPARTMENT OF HIGHER EDUCATION AND TRAINING Key words Vocational education and training, skills development, policy evaluation, 1. INTRODUCTION The youth unemployment is a big challenge in South Africa and in many countries across the continent and the world. One of the factors that are contributing negatively on the youth unemployment is the lack of skills and experience. The high number of youth unemployment in South Africa continues to be a huge problem even after the establishment of the Department Of Higher Education And Training and programmes such as the Vocational Education and Training that are able to provide vocational skills to school leavers and even to those…show more content…
RESEARCH QUESTIONS For conducting the research a number of research questions will be used to determine the effectiveness of the Vocational system in the Department of Higher Education and Training. • What is meant by the concept of vocational education and skills development? • How effective is the impact of vocational education with reference to meeting the goals and objectives of the department? • What challenges is the department facing in terms increasing enrolments in TVET Colleges? • What strategies is the department using on ensuring the planning that will be able to meet the Skills Development through the Vocational System? • What recommendation s can you make for a more effective Vocational Education and system? 5. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES The following research objectives were developed to study and ensure a clear understanding of the effectiveness of the performance plan in the Department Of Higher Education And Training. • To get the theoretical exposure of the concept vocational educational and training. • To evaluate the impact that the vocational education and training branch has on meeting the goals and objectives of the…show more content…
This may be qualitative data or quantitative data or both of the data types. According to Brynard (2012, 36), the research methodology is a group of methods for collecting data which gives a layout in planning structuring and the execution of the research. Research methodology may be qualitative or quantitative or may also be a triangulation method whereby both are used to conduct the same study. Gumeneson (1999, 122) states that a triangulation method is the application of two or more methods on the same research problem to increase the reliability of the

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