Technical And Vocational Education

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Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) refers to education and training that graduates students for a useful employment (Finch and Crunkilton 1999). In other words, TVET would make people more productive in designated areas of financial activity (e.g. occupations, economic sectors and specific work tasks). It has the possible to develop trainer’s capabilities and increase people choices. Also, the TVET opportunities should be distributed fairly between all the community spectra. However, the general education and training began in pre-history with the transmission of knowledge and culture from one generation to the next. In pre-history, human began using tools which were made from stones, and then they evolved as humans evolved.…show more content…
Therefore, the human resource is the real indicators to show development phase of a community especially how much the community educated with TVET. If I ask why is TVET important in a community? I would say because it concerned with supplying the productive process for any community of the productive skills and abilities in various fields and different sectors. In other words, nowadays the technical education has become a feature from the modern era features. Therefore, countries have a challenge of conveying the knowledge and technical revolution in many aspects also with the rapid changes of the employment and production methods. Thus it is a challenge for governments of rehabilitation that would face in all the social and economic…show more content…
After that in 1980 the TVTC has initiated and all the technical colleges and institutes has involved within TVTC. Accordingly, TVTC started its programs and tasks of developing the human resource in way that can serve KSA needs and labor market. And from that time TVTC has been the governmental association that is responsible for TVET and all relevant perspectives in KSA. Here are some advantages of TVTC: • Non-dominance of the academic curriculum. • Corporation with the labor market and fulfill its needs. • Unify the curriculum to learn based on criteria prepared by expert from the labor market. • Classify the study in

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