Essay On Earthquake Risk

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Now a day, city vulnerability particularly old and aged structures in face of earthquakes has confronted specialists in various fields as a global issue. This situation in countries with a naturally risky construct such as Iran has effaced with more emphasis in the recent decades. The establishment of the city of Tabriz in its current land where earthquake proneness is among its natural threats has confronted this city with dangers resulting from probable earthquakes and its various consequences. Based on the general census of people and household in the year 2011, more than 54 million people of the population of the country reside in cities and 72 thousand hectares of the present city structure, based on indices announced by the department of road and city…show more content…
In fact, vulnerability in face of an earthquake is the degree of harm and loss resulting from the earthquake and in various societies; it differs based on the level of development and progress of the society (Chardon, 1999). Earthquake risk is the result of interaction between its dangers and some vulnerable human activities such as city development and it can refer to the number expected of casualties, injured, financial losses and economic gaps resulting from natural phenomena. Therefore, elements in risk can be divided into human population, buildings, engineering works, public service applications, other sub structural facilities and environmental values in the region under consideration. Due to weakness in planning, inappropriate building design, carelessness in foundational implementation of developmental projects, lack of sufficient care regarding repair and maintenance and residence in lands at risk, they have turned into vulnerable locations in face of earthquakes (SayahMofazeli ,
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