The Importance Of Personal Coaching

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Hi there, it's Peter here and welcome back to today's episode of the transition guide, where we're going to be looking at what is coaching. Very often when I see and meet business owners for the first time they often ask me, "Well what is this coaching thing"? or "Well I know it all, I don't need coaching." I want to draw a few parallels between coaching in personal training and coaching in business. Let's take personal trainers, if I say to you, people with a personal trainer, what images does that conjure up? For quite a lot of people, a personal trainer is quite an exclusive thing. To have a personal trainer, you've got to have money, you've got to be highly successful, you've got to be fairly fit, driven and know what you want. Well, how is that any different to you as a business owner? Very often people get confused between coaching and consulting, so let me…show more content…
You may be thinking, "Is a coach right for me? Can I afford one, is it the right time?" Well absolutely. Coaches are there for everybody and even the most successful people out there, Steve Jobs had a coach, Larry Allison's got a coach, all the successful people out there have got a coach and you know what? In the beginning they started like you. You just now need to decide, what is the right coach for you. Is it a coach that's going to give you confidence? Is it a coach that's going to help educate you? For a lot of people, they need an accountability coach. As a business owner, you've very much at the top of the food chain. You are your own boss. You answer to nobody. When you're working in a corporate you've always got somebody pushing you. When you've got your own business, you're relying on yourself. Now some people have an extreme amount of self-discipline and they can push themselves. I hate to break it to you, the majority do not. The kind of coaching I tend to do with my clients is accountability

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