Volkswagen Quality Management Analysis

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Volkswagen group quality management is based on the standard ISO 9001, this standard must be met in order to obtain operating license and type of approval to produce and sell vehicles. Volkswagen group view quality of products and services as a key factor in maintaining customer satisfaction and when a customer is satisfied with the product or services, they stay loyal and continue to demand for more. Quality assurance helps develop a concept, setting guidelines, recommendations and tips for quality management consultant and support them in the process of implementation. Volkswagen group came up with a dual principle which have mutual support and control between two divisions, thus build up further core expertise in quality assurance. Setting…show more content…
Volkswagen group further optimized vehicle warranty and ex gratia repair instruments. Authorized dealers offered us additional opportunities, thus identifying any problems that may be revealed in the moment of vehicle handover stage, and prevent such problems from occurring. A measure known as “dealer plant teams” was introduced, a concept launched on Volkswagen Touran, which is employees from different work areas inspect the quality of the vehicles delivered to local dealer and feedback details of any problems to manufacturing plant in…show more content…
As for Volkswagen group, excellent performance comes from the heart of its human resource strategy. Volkswagen group aims to bring out the expert knowledge and abilities of every employee to stand out in their performance and produce quality products to ensure success of the business. Volkswagen group provides vocational training for its employees where employees whose work activities are based on similar technical skills, who need related expertise in order to perform their task, thus lay down the practical and interdisciplinary skills for each task. Employees are encouraged to develop skills throughout their working lives and deepen their knowledge by achieving credentials which is offered by Volkswagen group. Volkswagen group provides dual vocational training where theory and practices are closely interwoven. This training provides the foundation for first-class performance that meets the high standards of proficiency and quality. Theory and training are offered based on the capability required within each

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