The Values Of Equality: The Importance Of Diversity

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What flashes across your mind when you think of diversity? Is it something about the defined features and unique expressions or to be exact faces that make every people different? No! It means much more than that! We are different in term of races, genders, cultural beliefs, ideologies and the values within us. Diversity comes in many ways- each individual has his or her own principles; a society is made up of different races; a nation has its own political system, be it democratic or republic. This has left us to ponder about the importance of nurturing harmony within diversity. Let us delve into this intriguing matter by taking the memory lane down the past few decades. Back in 1957, we got independence we had been yearning for a long time from Britain. The key reason for this success was the collaboration efforts from different races. We have proved that we are capable of standing on our own two feet in governing our country despite the diversity. Conference, campaigns were held; organizations and mass media were used as tools in boosting unity. Although we were from diverse backgrounds with distinct skin colours, we managed to work…show more content…
Tragedy 13 Mei is the best example. This is the black dot in our country’s history which has brought about adverse effects when it wreaked its cataclysmic havoc in our beloved nation. Innocent lives were sacrificed where cadavers were strewn everywhere, destruction of buildings happened when the chaos had gone wild and economic downturn followed soon after. Racial tension had filled the air back at that time, tearing as apart. This tragedy is painful memories of all Malaysians which should be the lesson for all of us. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” a common quote by George Santayana. We all have a role to play in preventing the same calamity to occur again by cherishing the harmony we are enjoying

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