The Importance Of Colgregation In Schools

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Is segregation in schools over? Many people are unaware of the fact that there is segregation within our school system today. How can we destroy this issue that is still occurring to this day? Many lessons from the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Little Rock crisis that can be applied are embracing diversity, separation is not equal, and learning to fight in peace. The first lesson is embracing diversity within our school system, in the Little Rock crisis Marcia Webb Lecky mentions,” Now I can see it from their perspective, not knowing what was going on in the minds of the other students, and yet we did not go enough out of our way to seek them out.” (50) Since Lecky was one of the white students who attended Central High School she does…show more content…
In today's school system, there is a notably clear difference as the school systems seem to satisfy the upper class than the middle and lower class. As well as racial inequality in today's school systems, which affects the level of education that a student may earn. It is unfortunate that the reason of lack of proper education is often due to their racial backgrounds. For example, the use of private and charter schools often provide the highest and the best education that is possible, but within these schools are a lot of whites and Asians while the African Americans and Mexicans struggle to have the same education in public schools. The fact that during the Little Rock nine, white students displayed their feelings of being more accepting towards different races and cultures as for modern day society we must also value the importance that each individual deserves the same level of education. America continues to grow more and more diverse, we should embrace the diversity and growth and not be afraid to interact with different people from different backgrounds. If students grow up meeting other students from many other backgrounds, they will develop a better understanding of the…show more content…
This affects the students in school as they have few opportunities to obtain an education. An example is I live in Moreno Valley and within Moreno Valley, there are two major high schools named Valley View High School and Moreno Valley High school, there was a clear form of de facto segregation as Valley View was known as being “whitewashed” and Moreno Valley High being known as “ghetto.” The irony is not a lot of white students attended either schools but the reason these schools gained these nicknames is their social status and what part of the city we lived in. The “rich kids” usually went to Valley View and this school had a greater amount of opportunities such as a wide variety of college courses that were highly recommended to take and having a higher graduation rate than the other school. Moreover, what we can learn from the Little Rock crisis is that no matter where we live education should be an equal opportunity for anyone. The last lesson that can be learned from the Little Rock crisis is if we are going to fight to end segregation we must do so peacefully, As Coretta Scott king reveals that “ Martin helped the following to understand that when you have a victory,

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