Examples Of Food Problems In Venezuela

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Yet another example of the food problems going on in Venezuela, zoos have been ransacked in order to obtain something to eat. Among the stolen creatures are buffalo, tapirs, and pig-like mammals known as peccaries. However, maybe this is not such a bad thing. People in Venezuela barely have enough food, let alone the animals. Zoos across the country have been running out of animal feed. The animals are starving to death. At least fifty individual animals at one zoo starved to death after agonizing weeks without food. When people break in to take the animals, most of the poor animals are starving anyway. They would probably die from hunger soon. At least the people are making use of the meat they have available. I know this may sound wrong, but sometimes we need to look at the big picture, for an ideal world and a realistic one are two very different things.…show more content…
There was actually a quote from one of China’s emperors who said “A thousand must die so a million may live.” The reality of being so desperate for food is hard to come to terms here in America. According to the article, a staggering ninety-three percent of the population of Venezuela cannot afford food or other basic necessities/commodities. Although the police are most certain the animal swiping is a result of people desperate for a meal, some speculate that there may be alternative motives behind the animal stealing. Some say the animals may have been stolen for the purpose of making a quick buck. However, this has not been verified, nor have the other motives been explored in explicit detail. So far, the food shortage theory holds the most ground in the

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