Amnesty International: Animal Rights And Human Rights

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In the world, there are loads of groups whom are trying to improve our environment, political issues, educations issues and other kinds of common issues. By discussing, sending letters, make campaigns, make suggestions and find solutions. There are really diversity rights in this world such as, human rights, animals rights, political rights and economic rights and so on. As an animals rights example, IDA is a group that are helping and solving problems by their captivity. As human rights example, Amnesty International is a large group that is non governmental group. Which means if they have founded issues in the worldwide, they do not have to get permission from the governments. These kinds of activism, they are trying and challenging themselves…show more content…
This is a group that are working to protect the rights, welfare and habitats of animals. This group is an international group however, only got a permission in India. IDA supports and rights and rescue organization dedicated to protecting the rights of animals. They are rescuing the animals, preventing endangered animals, touring animals and animals whom are in lack environment, they are investigating and finding solutions for them. However, Amnesty International is a group that are helping and aiming to support people whom are in a trouble. Such as, torturing, armed conflict, death penalty and discrimination and so on. These are the most common issues for the human rights and political rights. Human rights and animals rights are really different, but they are both important in our life however, there are some big differences between human and animal rights. Humans can communicate each other, and if humans learns and observes about animals’ communication they can talk with the animals. However, some animals are not really easy to learn humans’ communication and cultures. Therefore, theses kinds of points are really different. Basically, IDA and Amnesty International’s big difference is IDA is working as animals rights and Amnesty International is working as human…show more content…
All the supporters finds an appropriate solutions, investigate with good sources and speak up with the governments and opponent. These two groups are working in captivity and in wild. IDA works in wild more than Amnesty because IDA is a group that helps animals, animals are in the wild and need to research and investigate them in the outdoor. Amnesty International also works in the wild but prefer working indoor because before they supports people they need to find sources and evidences. Therefore, these kinds of points might be the difference but might be the similarity. Though, these two groups are working in both environment, so it is highly be one of the

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