Health And Social Care Communication Analysis

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The ability to communicate effectively is essential when referring to the health and social care sector. Communication implies much more than transferring and receiving information. It represents a vital part in developing and maintaining relationships and everyone uses it as a method to express feelings and emotions. The essay presents the factors that influence effective communication and methods to improve it. I will focus on the skills required for achieving it by explaining the importance of reflecting not only on cultural differences but also individual circumstances when working with people in health and social care settings. In order to emphasize the importance of communication and understanding I will provide the issues associated…show more content…
A crucial aspect that determines an efficacious collaboration within a group is the environment, the way that people feel around each other. In order to grow, evolve and provide outcomes of high quality, a team has to respect the forming-storming-norming-performing model of group development (Tuckman, 1965). That serves to achieve a proper communication and maximum effectiveness. Hence, the way that Alan isolates himself from everyone should alert the nurses. He is in the forming stage and needs understanding in order to integrate in his new home. They should break the ice in order to trigger a better relation with him. This can be done through patience, empathy and care. Then, he would be storming toward a new life, norming and performing. But performing comes only if they are all committed. The health professionals should be people orientated in order to help him reach all four…show more content…
Legislations are legal norms that indicate regulations decided by authorities. The Equality Act (2010) prevents the discrimination of people with disabilities. It is applicable at various levels such as disability, age, gender, culture or beliefs. The definition of disability under this act puts Alan in the spotlight. He experiences both mental and physical issues. With regard to these, he deserves a well-prepared team of professionals able to provide him solutions and help in dealing with his ill condition. One-to-one communication could work better for him. Argyle’s theory says that communication between two people can be elaborated in time. This is exactly what Alan has need of. For this to occur and for communication to succeed, there is essential to go through the six stages of Argyle’s communication cycle. Having a thought and wanting to share it is the first stage. Then, the message should be coded, transferred to the other and after that received. When the message is understood, all of the stages are completed and the communication is effective (StudyMode Research

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